Today’s post is aimed at women who are interested in becoming glamour models if only on a part-time basis, using this avocation as a way to have fun and maybe just make a little money too.

Any kind of outdoor photography in post-911 America has made many people, especially those wearing badges, sensitive about photography and sometimes they can overreact. Not too log ago, I was shooting a portrait of a fully clothed model outside an office building and within ten minutes a Sheriff’s deputy showed up and asked us to move. We managed to get twenty-two shots and while we would have liked to have made more, we politely agreed to leave. That’s why…

The most important aspect of the locations is that it must needs be private. Shooting images on location mean you’re going to have to be look for places to accommodate an intimate portraiture session and, at the same time, be creative about when you shoot.

We are always looking for interesting locations to make intimate portraiture images, so when the president of a calendar company asked us to photograph models in a fire truck factory, how could we say no?

All of the shoots were made with the permission of the fire truck company’s owners and shoots were held on weekends when there were no workers present. However, there were environmental challenges for the us as we were shooting inside a hangar-like structure that was warmed with the type of radiant heat that keeps the trucks comfy but not necessarily the models. The featured shot was originally made while photographing Miss October for the calendar.

So while this model was a calendar girl, Blue Moon can photograph you like you are one too! Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the fire truck factory but we can photograph you at any location that’s private and where you have permission to be photographed.

Please contact us via the Contact tab above and tell us what you have in mind and let’s schedule a photo shoot.

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