On Sunday April 26, the Governor issued a six-page executive order outlining Colorado’s new “safer-at-home” phase of the coronavirus crisis as he begins to gradually ease restrictions on people’s movement starting Monday April 27. Here’s a few things to think about while you’re preparing to break out into the new phase…

Making boudoir images outdoors means that you’re going to have to be creative about where and when you shoot but the results, as can be seen in today’s featured image, can be unique and something different. The best places to make intimate portraits outdoors are those that accommodate a client’s needs, not just photographically but comfort-wise as well. Private locations are obviously best and the right locations provide a place where the subject can comfortably pose and be herself.

One of the positive aspects of shooting outdoor portraiture—including intimate portraits such the one at right—is that there’s always something for the subject to interact with.

Sometimes the location and the subject’s clothing dictates a pose, as was the case here. That’s why during a shoot, we let the client see what the images look like on the camera’s LCD screen so you can understand the kind on images that are being captured. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll try something else; if you like what you see, we’ll work on improving the portrait until it’s the best and you’re at your most beautiful.

So the next time, you’re thinking of having an intimate portraiture made, think outside the studio and all of a sudden a whole world of possibilities opens up. All you need is a private (key word) place to shoot where you have permission to be and we’ll do the rest. Click Contact or call use today at 720-515-4497 to make an appointment for your unique intimate portrait.

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