Boudoir photography is a photographic style that features intimate, romantic and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive in its approach to nudity and sexuality. It features subjects who do not regularly model and produces images not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but remain under the control of the subject.

Modern boudoir photography dates from the mid 1980s and is characterized by the empowerment of its female subjects, who now were typically the photographer’s clients rather than being professional models. Boudoir photography is also sometimes given as a gift with the intention of re-affirming and encouraging the romance and sensuality between partners in a long-term relationship.

It‘s common for women to have boudoir photographs of themselves made as a gift to a partner, conventionally on the occasion of their engagement, marriage, or before an enforced separation such as a military deployment. Increasingly, boudoir photography is seen as something that a person might do purely for their own enjoyment, for the pleasure and affirmation of seeing themselves as attractive, daring, sensual and sexually-desirable

What all this means to you is that you are in control of how you look and the image you want to portray, which can be a side of your personality not seen or kept private for your loved one. It can also be a time to engage in a fantasy to enter into a realm where you can be or at least seen to be someone that’s the opposite of how many people—even you—see yourself in daily life. It’s a time to let your hair down and inhabit another side of your personality, if only for a brief time. In short, it’s fun.

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