Here at Blue Moon Boudoir Photography, we’re open minded. We think that whatever kind of (legal) intimate portrait style that doesn’t involve pain or hurting others and makes you happy is OK with us—we’re not judgmental.


So when a client asked us about photographing her in a “cat” outfit we weren’t surprised. After all, Lingerie Diva, has a whole page with many different kinds of sexy cat outfits available for purchase. And that’s just one website. I’m guessing there’s lots more out there and even Amazon has pages and pages of sexy cat outfits and accessories like ears and tails.

This particular client had another requirement. She didn’t want to be photographed in our home-based studio, against a “flat” background. So we did a On Location session shooting first in her living room and then in the guest bedroom using only natural light to keep the setting intimate and friendly—no flashes going off—and to create the softest possible lighting effect. The above image was made in the guest bedroom, which no kidding, already had Hello Kitty present.

We often suggest that client let us photograph them in their Halloween costumes and this year, for the first time, we will not only be having a sale for Halloween but a contest for the best and sexiest costume. Stay tuned for the details. But if you want to get your inner animal on right now, click Contact or call 720-515-4497 for an appointment. Meow!

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