Shooting images outdoors provides an opportunity to be creative about where and when you shoot. It’s best that the client picks a location where they will be comfortable. You should look for places that will accommodate to a your basic, not just photographically but comfort as well.The public park where we made the featured portrait was literally within a stones throw from public rest rooms, where this woman was able to make four clothing changing during our outdoor session. Often, that’s why choosing private locations for more intimate portraiture are best.

Sometime the location and the subject’s clothing—or lack thereof—dictate a pose. The right locations provides where a natural-looking place where the subject can pose and be comfortable at the same time. One of the positive aspects of outdoor portraiture—including a more glamour style intimate portraits such the one featured—is that there’s always something for the subject to interact with.

That’s why during a shoot, our photographers constantly let the subjects see what the images look like—on the camera’s LCD screen—so they understand the kind on images that are being captured. If they don’t like what they see, we try something else; if they like what they see we work on improving the portrait until its the best and the subject is their most beautiful.

So the next time, you’re thinking of having an intimate portraiture made, think outside the studio and all of a sudden a whole world of possibilities opens up. Depending on how revealing your portrait will be, all you need is a private (key word) place to shoot where you have permission to be. On the other hand —depending on what you’re wearing—we can also shoot in a very public place as we did with today’s featured portrait. Make your choice and we’ll do the rest. Click Contact to make an appointment for your unique intimate portrait.


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