Chiaroscuro is Italian for light-dark. The use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. It usually only requires one light, maybe simply window light as was the case in the intimate portrait shown at right.

sabrina.low.keyIn the photographic world there’s a lighting technique known as low-key that’s a style producing a chiaroscuro effect by accentuating the contours of an object by throwing some areas into shadow.

Low key pictures concentrate on the darker tones, conveying an atmosphere of mystery and use higher contrast lighting than a traditional portrait with most of the subject in shadow and relatively brightly lit small areas.

Today’s featured image is a low-key portrait that we made while photographing a model who was wearing black lingerie and was photographed against a dark background in her dining room. Typically low-key portraits use lighting where most or just some of the subject is in shadow with relatively brightly lit small areas and is a useful technique for photographing brunettes. Is that you?

As mentioned in a previous post, each client is different and the style of lighting that we use for your intimate portrait is tailored to your own personal wants and needs. Let us create a unique intimate portrait for you. Call 720-515-4497 or click the Contact button above and send us an e-mail and let’s talk.

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