At one point Playboy announced they would no longer be featuring nude images but then changed their mind. But the dream of becoming a Playboy Playmate has faded for many models because the pandemic forced Playboy to stop its print run in 2020.

What this means that a woman’s chance to be published in the magazine is now impossible but we’ve had many requests from aspiring models and just plain regular people who want to pose nude for sites such as Patreon, OnlyFans and Bentbox.

And if you think you have to be in your mid-twenties, five foot nine inches tall and wear a size 4-6 dress size, you could not be more wrong. The world of on-line nude modeling embraces women of all ages, all sizes and all ethnicities. Take a look at our feature model; she doesn’t meet any of those “supposed” criteria but is a wildly successful Internet nude model.

Right now we have two now three clients who are posting images on these sites and making a modest income. Today’s image was made for one of them. They have all discovered that it’s better than driving for Uber and if this is of interest to you, we’ll be glad to help. Just click Contact and ask how and let’s schedule a test shoot.

PS: Which brings me back to…Referrals are important to the portrait’s subject because intimate portraiture is, well, intimate so if a friend or relative was pleased with the resulting portraits and were happy and comfortable with the experience, then you can be sure you will have a similarly pleasant experience too.

That’s one of the reasons that if you refer a client, you will receive a $50 gift certificate that you can use to pay for all or part of one of our Little Black Books or you can give it as a gift to the person being referred to make her intimate portraiture session even more affordable. At Blue Moon Boudoir Photography we want to make you intimate portraiture session not only pleasant and comfortable but also affordable.


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