A good nude photograph can be erotic, but certainly not sentimental or pornographic.—Bill Brandt, photographer

The classic textbook definition of erotica includes works of art, such as the portrayal of the human anatomy and sexuality with high-art aspirations, differentiating such work from pornography. But we certainly hold with Mr. Brandt’s suggestion that erotica is neither sentimental nor pornographic. But that doesn’t mean than an image can’t be provocative.

heather.blackOccasionally we find a client that wants something different, more daring that what passes today for contemporary intimate portraiture. The example shown might be a bit too much for some readers, even given the fact that this blog is about boudoir photography that occasionally features nude or partially nude subjects. Or maybe I’m being overly sensitive but at the same time, I don’t want to offend or put off a potential client who has no interest in these kinds of portraits.

This intimate portrait was influenced by the way that people engaged in mixed martial arts and boxing are photographed and matched the kind of mood this client was trying to achieve. We even sourced the outfits she is wearing for this shoot. If you missed a previous post “A More Glamorous You,” here’s what we had to say in answer to the question: I don’t have anything to wear.

We have a small collection of lingerie items that you may wear for your session. After each session, these items are professionally cleaned, so if you put it on it’s clean. Recently a client called and said she had nothing she wanted to wear for the shoot and asked if we could supply something. The answer is a resounding yes. For this particular photograph, all she needed to bring was shoes and jewelry, we supplied the rest.

Please call us at 720-515-4497 or contact us via the Contact tab above and tell us what you have in mind and let’s schedule a photo shoot. Call us today to make and appointment for your own unique intimate portrait.

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