When it come to on-location intimate portraiture session, many times client first think of a domestic location for their portrait, such as the guest bedroom that was used for the intimate “cat” portrait featured last time. But that’s not the only option.

sheila.yellowOften the use of non-traditional or “hard” backgrounds is enhanced by having a “soft” subject photographed there. Not only is there the whole incongruity of the setting with a women in lingerie in an unlikely location that serves as a point-counterpoint that makes the image just that much more interesting—not just fir the photograph’s intended recipient but also for the subject as well when the photograph is being made.

In this case, the client had access to an industrial automotive facility where she was given permission to shoot on a Sunday when no one was working. And rather than doing the cliché sexy women placed near cars or trucks, we looked around the building and I found these yellow metal stairs that were a lot of fun for her to sit and pose on. The result was this image that she liked as well as her husband did.

So the next time, you’re thinking of having an intimate portraiture made, think outside the studio and outside the bedroom and all of a sudden a whole world of possibilities opens up. All you need is a private (key word) place to shoot where you have permission to be and we’ll do the rest. Click the Contact tab or call up today at 720-515-4497 to make your unique intimate portrait.

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