…To Make You As Beautiful as You Can Be

When it comes to evaluating our own appearance, sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

Out here in the real word, few portrait subjects are perfect. Even many top models have imperfections. Cindy Crawford once said, “even I don’t look like Cindy Crawford when I get up in the morning!” So if you’re concerned about how your intimate portrait will look, don’t let it bother you, because our goal is to make you look as beautiful as you can be.

The truth is that we all have flaws; we’re only human after all but some of them, even imagined ones, become hot buttons when selecting the best photograph of yourself. I one had a slender portrait subject tell me that she had a “big butt” because her boyfriend tells her that all the time but in reality this was not the case at all. And if the question is, “does this photo make my butt look to big?” and the answer is always: No it does not.

What this means as far as most people’s portraits is concerned is that any image that hides a perceived flaw is going to be selected even if the person’s face—the real subject of any portrait—doesn’t have the best expression or best angle. Today’s portrait is not the client that I mentioned previously but demonstrates a pose for women who are not self-conscious about their appearance and might want a portrait of themselves to give to their significant others.

Please contact us via phone at 720-515-4497 or via the Contact tab above and tell us what you have in mind and let’s schedule a photo shoot. Call us today to make and appointment for your own unique intimate portrait.

On a health note: Our chief photographer received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last month and will receive the second dose later in January. We have had our home and home studio professionally cleaned and sanitized seven different times since the pandemic started so we’re be ready to photograph you when you’re ready to be photographed.

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