If you’re going to be sexy in a photo, you’d better be thinking about sex rather than about being sexy.—Peta Wilson

We can always make your intimate portrait in our home-based studio that’s located near Parker, Colorado but you may prefer someplace closer, such as in your own home, condo or apartment. Intimate portraits are all about light, so we begin the session by looking around your home for places where there’s interesting light. In the past we’ve photographed in many locations including, a client’s kitchen or as in the featured image below in her living room.

Creating your personalized intimate portrait in your own home has some advantages over shooting in our studio.

  • Privacy: You have privacy while the photographer has the ability to work under a wide range of creative lighting conditions. You can go room to room and take advantage of posing opportunities presented by the real world, not an empty studio.
  • Convenience: You’ll have access to your own make-up to create the look you want. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your favorite make-up brush because it’s just a few steps away.
  • Wardrobe: Decisions are simpler and you don’t have to think about what to bring. Your closet and complete wardrobe are nearby.
  • Posing: It’s easier because you have physical objects to interact with. The way that I work during a home session is that I watch what the client does naturally and then have her interact with the background in a way that’s comfortable for her.
  • Nudity: If you want to be nude or have an implied nude portrait made, you might be more comfortable in a state of undress in your own home, rather than in a studio.
  • It’s more personal. By interacting with a familiar environment, an intimate portrait made in your home makes the finished portrait—or Little Black Book—more personal, especially if it will be a gift to your significant other.

Click the Contact button to make your appointment today or call 720-515-4497 and let’s schedule a photo shoot in your home.

On a health note: Our chief photographer received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last month and received the second dose on January 25. We have had our home and home studio professionally cleaned and sanitized eight different times since the pandemic started so we’re be ready to photograph you when you’re ready to be photographed.


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