Photographing Women with Cars

noun: cliché; plural noun: clichés; noun: cliche; plural noun: cliches, 1. a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. 2. a stereotype or electrotype.

You Can Make Money as a Part-time Nude Model

Let me first dispel some misconceptions: To be a successful nude model, you don’t have to be in your mid-twenties, be five foot nine inches tall and wear a size 4-6 dress size. The world of on-line nude modeling embraces women of all ages, all sizes and all ethnicities.

Pregnant Boudoir Photography? Why Not?

Boudoir photography is practiced by many portrait photographers and includes the kind of sexy photographs that wives and girlfriends give their significant others for Valentines Day.

Do You Want to be a Nude Model?

At one point Playboy announced they would no longer be featuring nude images but then changed their mind. But the dream of becoming a Playboy Playmate has faded for many models because the pandemic forced Playboy to stop its print run in 2020.

Creating An Urban Boudoir Style

There is no one way to make a boudoir photograph or intimate portrait. It all comes down to you and your personal style. Lately these blog posts have featured nudity but nudity is not always necessary for the best intimate portrait. As we make perfectly clear in the...

Our Model Search Continues in 2022

We are interested in finding models from age 21-55 that are interested in posing for sample images that will be used on this blog as well as for promotional purposes.  If you think it might be fun, here’s a few things to think about while…

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