Boudoir photography is practiced by many portrait photographers and includes the kind of sexy photographs that wives and girlfriends give their significant others for Valentines Day.

preganant.boudoirOn the other hand, there is nude photography that varies from explicit to fine art nudes. In between there are photographs of models posing in lingerie or the so-called “implied” nude image where the client is physically naked but not “nude.

Deciphering the nuances sometimes means that you’re dancing on the razor edge between portrait or figure photography genres but as Jerry Seinfeld once said, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Any successful boudoir photograph includes some of the following.

Sexiness. Boudoir photography focuses on the depiction of a subject with a strong emphasis on sensuality and trends today lean toward a more natural look at the same time.

Nudity: There are many ways to portray sensuality, sometime with nudity, partial nudity, or no nudity. Much depends on the subject and pose, including the use of “implied nudity” where the model is actually nude but because of the pose and where she places her hands is not fully, uncovered naked in the photograph.

But pregnant boudoir? Why not? That’s what this client wanted and I think it’s what we delivered.So if you’re interested and have been inspired by some of the maternity intimate portraits that we’ve occasionally showcased, please drop of us e-mail using the Contact button at the top of the page to make an appointment.

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